Active Planning of Active Transportation Planning – Resources

The intentional use of ride-share planning is an active, mindful approach to moving a group of bodies through space in time.  This becomes another spiritual shift and the benefits come from sharing the fellowship of movement. In the winter months or during conditions of extreme weather, ride-share planning and implementation are crucial. Looking a week ahead in time in order to coordinate our  trajectories produces a spiritual shift as well as the physical  one! Choosing to spend some more time in an area to accommodate the need for your rideshare partner to complete some errands builds character and slows us down to the ‘Speed of life’.

In Mississippi Mills, there is a place where this can be done online:

In a larger catchment area for all of Lanark County we have:
Community RideShare Lanark County

These pages physically link members to motorized ride shares to/from the NCC (National Capital Region) as well as the rural towns and hamlets around our community.


A graph with edges colored to illustrate path H-A-B, closed path or walk with a repeated vertex B-D-E-F-D-C-B and a cycle with no repeated edge or vertex H-D-G-H

A cycle (in graph theory) involves the study of connections from node to node. Cycles are links from one hub to the next. A larger resource collection involves the area of eastern Ontario and resources for Active Transportation infracture are posted here: Sustainable Transportation in Eastern Ontario

The Active part of Active transportation planning requires agile coordination, that intertwines our lives in a tapestry of caring carbon conservation.

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