Active Transportation Planning!

Mississippi Mills Active Transportation Forum – 2014/15


PUBLIC INFORMATION Meeting  – Feb 19 2015 Drop-in any time 6-8pm

”  The purpose of the event is to share the background work completed so far and to receive public comment about the relevant problems and opportunities.    This event will be held upstairs at the Almonte Community Centre on Thursday, February 19th, 2015 between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:30pm.   The format will be drop-in style so you are welcome to come by at any time during the evening.    We hope to see you there!”

For more information    Mississippi Mills Active Transportation Update


Under the leadership of Troy Dunlop,  director of Roads and Public Works,  our town of Mississippi Mills has initiated a project to support and encourage modes of “active transportation” .  In the invitation to join the first planning session, Troy wrote:

I know that you are an avid local cyclist and that you have a good
"commuter perspective" coming in from the rural area regularly.  We are
hoping that you could bring that perspective to the session.

So Troy is very keen on understanding the following:

What are the important transportation issues facing this community? How well are cyclists and vehicles sharing the road? What do you want the transportation network to be like in 20 years?

Here’s a chance to improve the next 20 years – “waste not want not!”


Graffiti courtesy Winterbourne Bicycle Institute

The forum is a place where we can start the dialog. Here’s the announcement: Mississippi Mills Active Transporation Planning

If you are a resident of Mississippi Mills,  you can join the forum, by contacting Troy. Our first session is Wednesday Dec 3 from 6-8P.M at the old town hall. You will need to send him a note to save a place.

W. Troy Dunlop, C.E.T.
Director of Roads and Public Works
Town of Mississippi Mills
613-256-2064 ext. 233


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