Community Supported Public Transportation – Some ‘What Ifs’…

Here are some “What If” scenarios that might be considered in the next Active Transportation Planning session on the topic of Community Supported Transportation

What if our community could  share the bus resources of Senior Centers – such as Waterside or Mills Community Support?

It sounds a little like the service mentioned in this study:

As with the Kootenay Project:, it is clear that seniors are well acquainted with commonly shared transportation, and serve as a good model for sharing buses and large vehicles for all members of the community, young or old. We should be able to apply the use  of transportation resources to anyone who wants to minimize car use.

Grants for Planning Exercises

Apparently last year the province was providing grants to municipalities to develop greener options for transportation, but our municipality (Mississippi Mills) didn’t have any businesses lined up to take advantage of it. Our Department of Roads and Public Works has suggested that Mississippi Mills Comprehensive Transportation Master Plan might be able to include community bus-ing and similar options. It will be up to residents to make a case for it.

Community Shuttle Infrastructure

One thing we could really use is a shuttle service to and from the closest OC Transpo bus stop – maybe from the planned park-and-ride in Almonte’s industrial park. Planning our own trips to coordinate with a community infrastructure of buses and shared vehicles is a safe and friendly way to get from A to B.

For a very thorough meditation on the subject of Community Supported Transportation – see Getting Off Cars! …

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