Bagging a Folding Bike for VIA baggage

Getting there… Bagging the bike


Dahon Mu-P24 Folding Bike


Machine sewed bag made from neighbour’s torn gazebo cover which he rescued from the garbage.













On 14-06-15 11:13 AM, relations_clientele wrote:

Good morning,

If you bring your foldable bicycle on board the train with you, this will count as your one piece of carry-on baggage.  You will only be able to bring one personal article in addition to your folding bicycle.The foldable bicycle must be packed in a bag with dimensions that can be easily identifiable (see photo of acceptable bag attached).folding bike bag

The canvas bag you have included the photos of would not be accepted.  Once the bicycle is packed in the bag, it must be less than the accepted dimensions of 62 inches linear (length + height + depth).   Please note that a lot of the folding bicycles when packed are more than 62 inches linear and will not be accepted when over this dimension…



However IT WORKED!!!

  • From Smith’s Falls to Toronto
  • From Guelph to Toronto      …

…the “train stations” are not staffed. The stations  are shelters where you wait on the platform. Hence, lugging my ‘luggage’ behind me, I simply hoisted it up the stairwell of the train (with assistance) and stowed it in the cordoned off baggage section next to guitars and rented tuxedos. The trick was to get the subversive help of staff in Union Station to help convince the gatekeepers that the luggage is acceptable . My advice was to simply tell the ticket checker that ‘it’s just a stroller’.Hence as soon as I returned home, I thought it best to reinforce this acceptance with a commendation:

Hi Customer Relations:

I would like to congratulate you for the work of two via rail staff members at the Toronto Central Station. Both Tim and Don Brown were extraordinarily helpful to me during passenger boarding – Tim on my trip from Smiths Falls o to Guelph and Don on my return trip from Toronto to Ottawa. I am a small person and my folded bagged bike was taken care of with ease. Understanding that smaller people have a tougher time is one thing these folks are good at. I very much appreciate their gracious attention to customer relations. I will be very happy to ride the train to and from Toronto knowing that you have such skilled personnel.


Here is the reply from Customer Relations:

Good morning,

Thank you for your email concerning your recent experience with VIA Rail Canada.
It is a pleasure to encounter a letter such as yours, expressing appreciation for services rendered.  I was happy to hear of the great service you received from Tim and Don at Toronto Union station.  Your acknowledgement of a job well done provides us with incentive to continue striving for excellence in customer service.Your comments have been forwarded to the attention of the manager responsible, who will be pleased to congratulate Tim and Don for such an outstanding performance.  The service provided on this occasion reflects our commitment at VIA Rail to providing a service that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

For a continuation of this story – see VIA and Folding Bikes/

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